Sneaker Sunday: Adidas x Reining Champ UltraBOOST all terrain shoe

Typically, I’m #nikegang all day long but sometimes you gotta try something different.  I’d been looking for hiking shoes for awhile that wouldn’t hurt my achilles tendon.  It seemed that any time I was on a hike, the pain from my achilles would crop up way too often and I needed to find a solution.   I saw a version of these shoes at my local Adidas outlet and tried them on.  The BOOST tech on the sole felt like a cloud but more importantly, the sock-like fit hugged my foot and seemed to give relief to my achilles.  It was a couple months later when I got a code from Adidas and took the plunge.  I ended up getting the Reigning Champ collaborative version of the shoe because I liked the color way and the integrated cage on the sides.  When I finally got to take them on their first hike, I was nervous.  I didn’t know how much support they were going to have and I was worried about the how the “prime knit” would keep my foot secure.  I’d like to say I paid close attention to all these things on the hike but to be honest, I completely forgot.  Which I think says more about the shoe than anything.  I literally felt no pain and got through the whole hike without one hiccup.  I’ve continued to wear them on hikes the last few months and they have remained durable and performed exactly as they did on the first hike.

I really wanted to do this post though because they came in clutch for me during my recent camping adventures.  I had forgot to pack my sandals so these became the shoes I wore everywhere.  I even wore them barefoot to the beach and they functioned well.  I usually hate wearing shoes around the campsite as I’d much rather be comfy in sandals but I had to make an exception this trip.  The pictures below are straight off my feet when I got home from camping.  I wanted to capture the grit and durability of the shoes by showing all the stains and dirt they acquired on the trip.  They went from the beach, to the campsites, to inside the lake and even a hotel room in Santa Maria. I ran hard in them, stomped on trails, climbed up trees and lounged around in them.  They performed faithfully to me the entire time and I look forward to making more memories with these shoes on future camping endeavors.


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