Steez you can hear Vol.1

I listen to a ton of music.  It’s obsessive to the point where I listen right when I wake up, while I’m taking a shower, while I’m driving and even while I’m eating. Basically every hour of every day, I’m listening to something. And now with the advent of Spotify, I am re-discovering music I thought was lost forever as well as keeping up with the current crop of artists.  My goal with this post is to pick 7 songs that I either re-discovered, heard for the first time, or I’m just currently obsessed with it…

Playlist for the week of November 12:

  1. Survival Tactics by Joey Bada$$ and Capital STEEZ: had to start this post off right with a STEEZ/Joey track; if you’ve never listened to Capital STEEZ, consider this your introduction; RIP STEEZ
  2. Must of Got Lost by The J. Geils Band: heard this recently in my mom’s car while listening to her “Classic Vinyl” playlist; immediately caught my ear and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it
  3. Hello by Erykah Badu f/ Andre 3000: random song that came across my Spotify;  threw me for a loop when I heard 3 stacks come in as there aren’t very many Andre 3000 verses I haven’t heard.
  4. Nowhere2go by Earl Sweatshirt: Newest song by my favorite OF rapper; different sound than I am used to but the flow is still dangerous
  5. Off Deez by J.I.D. f/ J. Cole: Never listened to J.I.D. before today but I left thoroughly impressed, the kid raps his ass off; I came for the J. Cole feature though which did not disappoint.
  6. Hussle and Motivate by Nipsey Hussle: One of my favorite pre-game songs for my basketball games and one of my favorite songs in general; if you’ve never fucked with neighborhood Nip, his latest album “Victory Lap” is a great place to start
  7. Bam Bam by Byron Lee and the Dragonairs f/ Toots and the Maytals: Had to end the playlist with some reggae; recently discovered this song while digging through Toots features and I fell in love; perfect song for your morning drive to work or relaxing with your favorite vices after work.

Bonus: I also wanted to highlight the track below.  Probably my favorite song of all time and very obviously an influence for this site; this track speaks to me in so many ways and I hope I can illuminate it for someone who has never heard it…



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