Steez you can hear Vol.4


Playlist for the week of December 3, 2018:

  1. In Hell I’ll be Good Company by The Dead South:  a coworker showed this to me; while I normally don’t like music this “twangy,” this song caught my attention because of how catchy it is;  I challenge anybody to listen to this without whistling that intro.
  2. The Man Who Has Everything by Chance the Rapper:  Chance surprised us all with two new songs last weekend, this one is my favorite; love the sample and subject matter in this track.
  3. Hot Box by JID. f/ Method Man and Joey Bada$$:  Classic NY right here with Mef and Joey coming to help JID out;  easily my favorite track off JID’s new album DiCaprio 2. 
  4. Love Letters by Kelly Lester: another track recommended by a co-worker; beautiful, timeless song.
  5. In Dreams by Roy Orbison:  listened to a lot of music with my co-workers last week but this is yet another great recommendation;  this song and Love Letters are both from the movie, Blue Velvet.
  6. December 24 by Earl Sweatshirt: heard first at the FlogGnaw festival last year under the name Bad Acid (video below); off his new album, Some Rap Songs, out now!
  7. Riot! by Earl Sweatshirt: last track off Earl’s new album;  samples Hugh Masekela and Earl shows him love by ending his last line on the album with “my uncle Hugh” before the sample drops…ending the album.


  • last year (2017), my homie Brian and I went to the Camp FlogGnaw Carnival to see Earl Sweatshirt.  Both songs in the video below are from the album he just released, Some Rap Songs. It was a trip to hear these songs live before hearing them on the record…
  • Scene from Blue Velvet:


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