Steez you can hear Vol.5


A few days late but still…Playlist for the week of December 10,2018:

  1. Game Winner by Vulpeck:  I arrived at Vulpeck through hearing Back Pocket in a commercial which brought me to their album, Thrill of the Arts; an incredibly soulful track and as a basketball player, I love the imagery.
  2. Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low: released in ’07 but only discovered by me a couple years ago; this song brings me back to that early adolescent time when emo music was my outlet and also brings back memories from only a couple years ago seeing them at Air + Style.
  3. FUN! by Vince Staples: off Vince’s phenomenal most recent ablum, FM! this track is a straight bop all the way to the e40 adlibs and Vince’s infectious flow.
  4. Here’s Lookin At You, Kid by The Gaslight Anthem: ever since I read this article, I haven’t been able to stop listening to this band or this album; this track is one of the more somber ballads but to me, it’s one of the most beautiful songs.
  5. Broke+- by Jay Rock: off Jay Rock’s most recent album Redemption which was one of the best releases of the year; “B is for the blood, R is for the ropes, O is for oppression, K is for the kush, needed just to cope, E is for the evolution, it’s for this resolution. Now have you ever been broke, sick of forever losin’?”
  6. One Chance by Modest Mouse: landed on my shuffle randomly the other day and everything about this song hooks me in; the drums, the intro. guitar and the crooning vocals.
  7. Look What You’ve Done by Drake: of all the Drake songs I’ve listened to this year, this is the one that landed on my Spotify year end playlist and I’m not surprised at all; I come back to this one more than any other Drake songs because I feel like it’s the most genuine.


produced by Apollo

lyrics by Curlz

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