Sneaker Sunday: Nike SB Dunk High “Send Help II”


Definitely one of the more unique shoes I own.  They feature a navy blue suede and white leather upper with purple elephant print on the heel.  It also has “SEND HELP” embroidered on the heel and tongue tag.  The sole is lime green and I bought the lime green laces to match the sole.  Originally, they had white laces but I’ve lost them to time.

Dunk High’s are always a comfortable shoe and this one is no different.  If I really needed to…I could work a full day, play a basketball game and skate home in them and be comfortable all day. They offer support all the way up my ankle, have a snug fit and they take impact reasonably well.  They just look a little wild.  It’s a comfortable shoe that performs well it just doesn’t make it out of my closet much.

The little details of this sneaker are what it do it for me.  I love the purple elephant print and the font on the “SEND HELP” heel embroidery;  the skeleton on the insoles and the “SEND HELP” tongue tag. The premium materials and the unique colors wrap this sneaker up to make it a valuable addition to my collection.



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