Day 33: Home

Just like that, my last day was here.  I woke up a mixture of anxiety and happiness.  I was excited to see my parents and my friends and especially to play basketball but I was also afraid.  Afraid to face what awaited me upon my return: the real world.  I thought about this for as long as I could, lingering at my campsite until the very last moments.  I walked around the campgrounds. Went towards my beach spot from yesterday, sat on the cliffside I wrote my first journal entry on and I looked out at the ocean from the set of wooden stairs leading down to the beach.  The full circle was suddenly overwhelming to me as I settled on the log I had claimed the night before.  Instead of a sunset though, I was looking at a bright, clear sunny day.

IMG_2751I decided to take one more moment to myself.  The man who sat here only thirty three days ago not only looked different but felt different.  I felt secure and confident in myself now.  I was living life exactly as I wished it and that left me with no regrets.  I knew the problems of the real world would come rushing back to greet me but now I was better equipped to handle any hurdles thrown at me.  Going on the road like this was initially for fun and adventure but it was also a spiritual journey.  It gave me confidence in myself and the sites that I saw often left me awestruck and inspired.  Looking back, I realize I’ve seen most of the California coast. To me, that’s an accomplishment to not only be proud of but is also worth writing about.  It’s given me a greater perspective on life and how I think, which has in turn awakened a greater urge within me to continue exploring.

the route from Soledad to the CA-OR border
The route from Santa Ana to King City



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