Steez you can hear Vol.8


Playlist for the week of January 7, 2019:

  1. Water by Caleb Belkin: recommended by my cousin Nora, this track obviously speaks to me on a couple levels: the Bruce Lee sample, the dope beat. Love everything about this track
  2. a lot by 21 Savage f/ J. Cole: mannn I was blown away by this.  I can be close-minded with my Hip Hop sometimes so it’s hard for me to show any of these “new” rappers respect. For whatever reason, I clicked on the 21 Savage album when it came out and started up this song…  I’m sitting there, vibing to it, kinda liking it….when I hear J. Cole come in…. Straight fucking fire!  Check it out for yourself.  (ps. the inclusion of J. Cole inspired me to listen to the whole 21 album and I was not disappointed).
  3. Holla If Ya Hear Me by Kweku Collins: This has been one of my favorite songs for the last couple of years. It always makes its way onto to my camping playlists. I love all the lyrics but this is my favorite few lines: “So say hello, if you won’t I will. Just give me a sec, to come down from right here. I might be a fool, for how I feel. I gotta take me a rest, shit got too real.”
  4. Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf: recommended by a coworker, I had never really listened to Meat Loaf before.  This song is catchy and fast-paced and if you like it, you should check out the whole album, Bat out of Hell. 
  5. Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver: This is the real camping anthem.  Everytime my homie Tyler and I have been camping or hiking, we spontaneously burst out into this song.  Everything about this track is epic and there’s something about belting out those lyrics when you’re in the middle of nowhere that feels extremely gratifying.
  6. Hell Yeah (Pimp the System) remix by Dead Prez f/ Jay-Z: I was cleaning out the garage and I found this old burned CD.  Filled with 00’s era Hip Hop, I heard a lot of songs I used to love but hadn’t heard in years.  Hell Yeah was one of them. Check out Dead Prez if you’ve never listened to them and check out the video for this song in the Bonus section below.  img_6201 (1)
  7. Thinking ‘Bout You by Deante’ Hitchcock: brand new rapper, recommended to me by the great, ClareLaFlare.  I listened to his EP So Much For Good Luck and this is the track that stood out most to me.  I love the production, I love the subject matter and I was told he is “next” up.  Better get acquainted now…



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