Steez you can hear Vol.9


Playlist for the week of January 14, 2019:

  1. How High the Moon by Les Paul, Mary Ford:  Heard this earlier in the week while watching the History channel show, Project Blue Book. The song immediately caught my attention and thank God for Shazam which enabled me to get it right away.
  2. Memories (Part II) by Big Sean, John Legend: I started listening to a lot of music from college this past week and this is one that caught my attention . Big Sean gets a lot of shit for his perceived “struggle bars” but I happen to real fuck with him.  I think he is an underrated lyricist and you can truly feel when he means what he is rapping about.  That is never more apparent than in this song.
  3. No Wheaties by Smoke DZA f/ Curren$y and Big K.R.I.T.: Another track from my past, this illuminated by love for Big K.R.I.T. who I’m sad to say I’ve compoletely forggoteen about the last few years.  This trio of rappers is totally underrated and I wish they would have put out a collab. album or mixtape at some point.
  4. Breakfast by Curren$y:  My last, “blast from the past”; this track is one of my favorite Curren$y’s songs of all time.  I know every single word of this verse to be honest, it might be my favorite verse of all time.  The way Curren$y raps is so joyously infectious, this is a track I keep stuck on repeat.
  5. Come Along by Cosmo Sheldrake: heard this track in an Apple commercial and it fucking grabbed me; unbelievably catchy, bouncy and fun this song not only fits the commercial perfectly (see bonus section below) but it also gets you moving.  Been listening to it for three straight days now.
  6. 100 Grandkids by Mac Miller: I came across Mac Miller’s GO:OD AM album this past week and I was overwhelmed by it…  1, I had forgotten how good it is and 2, the amount of times Mac references his death or his music after he’s gone is astonishing.  It’s definitely a sad listen (this track in particular) but I think it’s one of his best albums and I encourage everyone to go back and listen to it.
  7. Doin’ It Again by The Roots: Just bought the album this track is on (How I Got Over), on vinyl and it’s amazing.  Something about The Roots and how they play and perceive music is different than anyone else.  I love this track but the whole album is sonically beautiful and I would encourage anybody listening to this track, to bump the whole album.


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