Sneaker Sunday: Air Max 180

img_0812One of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, the Nike Air Max 180 is a classic sneaker that has seen it’s ups and downs since it’s release in 1991.  While not as heralded as it’s Air Max family members the Air Max 1 or the Air Max 95, the Air Max 180 is unique in a couple of ways…img_0813For one, the exposed air unit actually touches the ground.  For another, it’s a bulky/dad-type sneaker but the fit feels snug, tight and it’s more form-fitting than meets the eye. It’s a sneaker that catches people’s eyes but also feels incredibly good to wear.


I wore this particular pair to Disneyland all day and not only did they hold up and look good all day but they were comfortable.  I walked around without a care or problem in the world. The 180 has also seen it’s fair share of pop. culture exposure with the likes of Michael Jordan (pictured below), Kanye West and Eminem seen wearing both classic colorways and 1 of 1 exclusives.


While originally a running shoe (see below), the Air Max 180 has turned into more of a lifestyle sneaker in today’s culture.  It’s one of the most versatile sneakers in my arsenal as I could wear them anywhere and personally, I like the 90’s vibes they give off.

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