Steez you can hear Vol.10


Playlist for the week of January 21, 2019:

  1. Pick ’em’ up by Millyz and Statik Selektah: The cool thing about Spotify is their recommendations of songs or artists.  Last week, I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to listen to, so Spotify chose most of them for me.  This one came up in my discover and I can honestly say I have never of Millyz.  Statik Selektah is a dude I’m very familiar with but I was pleasantly surprised with Millyz and I’ll probably tune into more.
  2. Pond Weed by Brad Stank: Another gem off my “discover playlist.” Slow and soulful, this song caught my ear immediately.  It’s melody is nice while the lyrics and singing style give it a toned down vibe.  It feels raw and more importantly, real.
  3. Tungs by The Frights: Recommended by a friend, I think this might be a band I fuck with for a long time.  This was the first song I listened to and it’s incredibly infectious, soulful and real.  I’m looking forward to diving deeper into their catalog.
  4. Dying to Live by Edgar Winter: I was listening to Running (Dying to live) when I realized I had never heard the original song that the sample is from. Hearing this version was so much more powerful as you feel the emotion of the song in full rather than the snippet you hear in the sample of 2pac’s song.  It’s a beautiful song and I think it brings up a positive aspect of sampling in Hip Hop: it opens doors to music that people like me ordinarily wouldn’t investigate.
  5. Audio Dope II by Curren$y: One of my favorite Curren$y songs and also off of Pilot Talk which I just wrote about: here.
  6. Jameson by Lake Street Drive: Another one off my “discover playlist,” the bassline dragged me into this track.  It feels like a jazzy, prohibition-era song as that bassline creeps along with the raspy female vocals. The song eventually builds into something larger that is just as entertaining.  All in all, a song that caught my attention and was very enjoyable.
  7. Champion by 99 Neighbors: Song #1 from my “cosmic playlist” curated for me by Spotify.  This song is triumphant as hell and whoever that rapper is at the end was spitting hot fire.  Very pleasant surprise.

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