Steez you can hear Vol.12

67011645-E55E-420B-91D8-25DB5F057426Playlist for the week of February 4, 2019:


  1. Rainy Days by Boogie f/ Eminem: Off Boogie’s stellar new album, Everything’s For Sale. Come for the Eminem feature but listen to the full album front to back.  Boogie is one of the most talented artists out there.
  2. This Too Will Pass by Peter Himmelman: heard this track in the opening scene for the movie D2: The Mighty Ducks. It’s a great song but I’m highlighting it more for the feeling this song gave me.  The movie was on HBO late one night and that first scene hooked me and kept me there for the entire movie.  Sometimes nostalgia can be triggered by the smallest memories and I’m glad this one did.  Check out the bonus scene below.
  3. BLACKJACK by Amine: Amine’s energy is so infectious and is no more apparent than in this song.  Accompanied by a minimal beat, Amine spits hot fire throughout the entire track weaving words into sentences and letting them all bleed into each other.  The video (see below) captures the hectic nature of this track to the T.
  4. So Into You by Atlanta Rhythm Section: I can’t remember how I can upon this song but it’s one of those tracks that just straight smooth.  Catchy rhythm, bass line that makes you move and I like the lyrics.
  5. Goodie Bag by Still Woozy: a song I came upon randomly but wound up really liking.  Kind of trippy and I have love these lines: “Oh, what they think about you//
    Prepare to leave my body when the time it comes through//Loving on you//’Til the time, it comes through”
  6. How It’s Supposed To Be by Mike Posner: Couldn’t tell you why I clicked on Mike Posner’s new album when I saw it in New Releases but I can say I am glad that I did. A Real Good Kid is Posner’s love letter to his recently deceased father.  It’s a highly personal album, highlighted by this song. Mike Posner’s voice sounds great even when he’s has a sad subject matter to sing behind but the truth in the lyrics gives greater weight to his music this time around.
  7. Glory Box by Portishead: a band I recently began listening to again.  Love this song, love their sound, love her voice.


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