Sneaker Sunday: Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG, “Turbo Green”

5D9920D0-482A-4447-BFB7-8C19690EA70E“Got em.”  The two most sought after words in Sneaker culture. For the last two years, I’ve doggedly pursued every release on Nike’s SNKRS app. with little to no luck.  Every time there is a release (that I want), I wake up at 6:45 to get in a virtual line to possiblymaybebutprobablynot secure the sneaker that is my heart’s desire for that week.  I’ve missed on the Acronym Presto’s, the Virgil Abloh/Off-White collab, the Celtic green AJ1’s and even the most recent SB collabs.  This normally leaves me feeling A. tired and B. pissed off. Yet I continue to return hoping to one day hit that paydirt…

My alarm was blaring in my ear as I slowly rolled over to silence it.  I could have sworn it was Saturday morning as I looked at the blinking time that read: 6:47.  My mind was racing, wondering why I would have set an alarm for this time…. that’s when it hit me: SNKRS.  The Air Jordan 1 Retro High Og “Turbo Green’s” were releasing today and since I like the pain, I had decided it was worth a shot.  Blearily, I opened the app and got in virtual place right as 7am hit….

about 30 minutes later….

My eyes flashed open as I sat upright in my bed.  I had dozed off after getting in line with my phone still perched on my chest.  I grabbed my phone and unlocked it, ready for my stomach to drop and a “sorry” message to come across the screen.  I reopened my phone and lo and behold my two favorite words in huge letters “GOT ‘EM”


Nothing can describe the happiness I felt but let’s just say it was a pivotal moment in my personal sneakerhead history.  I had finally broken through.  What a shoe to do it with too.  A beautiful minty, turquoise green (Nike calls it “Turbo Green”) suede and leather shoe that is as comfortable as it sought after. The pictures speak for themselves the amount of detail that went into these and the premium materials used…


In the last year, Air Jordan 1’s have seen a huge increase in popularity.  While some sneakerheads prefer the classic AJ1 colorways, I myself am a fan of branching out especially when trying new materials is involved.  The suede used in this model is “distressed” and I think it fits the AJ1 perfectly.  It came with three different lacing options: teal, purple and white; it has a light grey outsole, a sail midsole and premium cracked white leather around the turbo green suede.  The only aspect I don’t like is the grey printed “SP 19 Air Jordan 1 High OG.”

22169720-5F9D-485C-A6C7-FFD2F13D2159Personally, this pair skyrocketed to the top of my favorite sneakers list. They are a comfortable and stylish sneaker that I can wear easily with sweatpants or jeans.  Definitely a sneaker that exceeded my expectations in all ways.


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