steez you can hear Vol.17

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Playlist for the week of March 11, 2019:

  1. Lightning Crashes by Live: heard this song come on the radio at work and I immediately started singing it.  When I checked it out, I was surprised to see it was sung by a band I had never heard of.  Definitely giving Live a deeper listen this week.
  2. Polly by Whitney: I heard Polly for the first time a couple months ago. I put it into a playlist and kinda forgot about it. So last week, I was driving around struggling to find something to listen to when I decided to play that old playlist. This song came on at the perfect time during my drive and it’s been on repeat ever since.
  3. Threat 2 Society by 2 Chainz: another week, another 2chainz track off his stellar album Rap or Go to the League. Love the sample on this and 2 chainz’ slow, lazy flow enunciating every word making sure his threats 100 percent clear: “it’s yellow tape and white chalk when I’m on the beat.”
  4. Nancy From Now On by Father John Misty: heard this song kind of randomly but I thought it was so cool. Old school, 60’s vibe. “oh, pour me another drink and punch me in the face.”
  5. Some Kind of Wonderful by Grand Funk Railroad: a coworker was playing and singing this song last week and I couldn’t help but notice how infectious it is. It instantly makes you tap your foot and for me personally, it’s definitely a mood booster
  6. Don’t Take Me Alive by Steely Dan: the perfect road trip song. Tyler and I bumped this on the way back from our hike in Wrightwood. It was the perfect music for the drive home with the sun going down and the traffic funneling is a smoothly home
  7. Magic in the Hamptons by Social House f/ Lil Yachty: YouTube thought I’d like to watch this music video and goddamn and I hate when shit like that hits the mark. It’s too close to home. I love this song though. The video is even more amazing. Looking forward to whatever music comes in the future.


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