Trails to Trudge: Morro Strand State Beach

Disclaimer: less of a “traditional Trails to Trudge, this post is more about the experience at Morro Strand as a campsite and a beach.

Morro Strand State Beach

  • terrain: sand dunes as far as the eye can see leading up to the ocean
  • payoff: campsites right on the beach, calm ocean vibes

“After a quick recharge of my electronics and a replenishment of Starbucks coffee, I made my way to Morro Bay.  It took about 3 hours of hard driving which tuckered me out but now here I am sitting at a nice, beachside campsite.  I ate my Campbell’s soup, turned on some Led Zeppelin and sat in my chair to enjoy the foggy beach weather.  It’s cold and overcast, but I love it.  I love the smell of the ocean and the feeling of the cold air slowly floating through the campsite.” – 6/12/18, 5:39pm, Morro Strand State Beach


Staying at Morro Strand was peaceful.  It’s a beautiful place to relax, reflect and take a little break.  I knew I was coming back to the real world the next day so I really tried to maximize my time there and work on my writing and meditation.  I remember trying a guided-meditation for the first time sitting on that foggy Morro Strand beach.  I was barely able to see 5′ in front of me but that somehow made it more meaningful and mystical.  The campsite itself was crowded but once it got dark, I was able to relax in my camper with the windows and doors open to the ocean and the evening air.  I fell asleep with the sound of the waves calmly lulling me to sleep.  Check out my photos below that came as a result of me walking around the campgrounds and beach aimlessly…



  • My Digs:  I made a few modifications to the rolling-mobile-camper-shell-of-a-home that is my 1991 Toyota Tacoma. (Check out my gushing love letter to my truck here). For one, I built a wooden platform where I could fit my memory foam mattress and sleeping bag.  Another, the platform underneath was able to house (4) good sized storage boxes to store my clothes, cooking supplies and other amenities.  Everything else I needed was able to fit in a backpack or duffel bag.
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    neat and clean




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