Trails to Trudge: Montana De Oro State Park, the Sequel


  • Bluff Trail:

    • length: 4.6 miles
    • terrain: very easy, wide open trail; well maintained, easy to walk on and level footing
    • payoff: unbelievable ocean views and lush flora all over the trail
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    • The Bluff trail is one of the easiest and most beautiful trails I’ve ever been on.  It’s a smooth walk along a mixture of hard, packed earth and wooden planks.  The environment of Montana De Oro is truly astonishing.  The ocean views and beaches alone make this place worth it but the hills and hiking trails coming up from the beach are what make this place so unique.  Check out photos from the trail below…
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  • Spooner’s Cove

    • terrain: beach… lots of sand… plus some caves
    • payoff: see above: caves, beach 
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    • The sand at Spooner’s Cove is hard and grainy so much so that with every step you take; your foot tunnels deep into the sand about ankle high.  The waves crash around the numerous rock structures situated in the water near the shore creating caves and alcoves for water to flow through.   Check out the pics below…
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    • Coming back to Montana De Oro for another visit was a great decision. I love the views, the beach and the trails.  It’s just a great place to walk around and enjoy nature.  Making this my last stop before returning home from Brian’s wedding was the perfect cap to a great week that started with a trip to San Francisco and ended on the coast of Los Osos.  If you’ve never been to Montana De Oro, I would definitely recommend it.  It’s a perfect microcosm of the kind of environment we are lucky to have here in California.


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