Trails to Trudge: Etiwanda Falls

Etiwanda Falls, North Etiwanda Preserve:

length: 3 miles

terrain: well-paved trail conditions; mostly uphill

payoff: waterfall; satisfying hike with good scenery throughout

01C62B25-95BD-4B72-AACC-C02D27C4C55DEtiwanda Falls was a trail I’d been trying to hit for awhile and one Friday, I just decided to take a day off and do it.  The trail is nice and easy and is good for all ages and experience levels.  Check out views from the trail below…

540959E9-7717-44EC-8E03-0B1B89E0336522A2C134-4EBA-48F1-9B8C-30FC12F74CC3E0BFB8AE-3779-4488-B06B-D585AEF3827A3C0DEE84-76B4-458C-A5A8-9C1719D90850The trail starts off relatively easy as the incline gradually increases from the parking area.  Pretty soon, you’re walking through a forested area with a creek running off the waterfall guiding your way…



Etiwanda Falls is an easy hike but one that is enjoyable and satisfying.  It can get pretty hot with little to no cover along the trail but otherwise, the terrain is ideal and the scenery is great as well.


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