Sneaker Sunday: Nike pg3

3393C1ED-9D1F-4D72-9225-7DAA2CB0D931     This is my second consecutive “Sneaker Sunday” focusing on a performance basketball sneaker; but I think it’s worth it.  As I’ve stated before, my feet take the most abuse and having good, supportive footwear is critical to my on-court safety and success.  My last post focused on a basketball shoe that I immediately anointed one of my favorites of the year, the Kobe AD NXT 360. Respectfully, the Nike pg3 would like the 360’s to hold its beer….

The pictures directly above show what look to be “wrinkles” embedded in the midsole of the sneaker.  These are actually compression lines from my foot pressing down on cuts, jumps and anything else I may do on a basketball court.  I bought these sneakers on a Friday night then proceeded to play in them on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  They still look brand new.  Those compression lines are the only mark to show that I wore them this week.  The lines also show the sneaker at work, doing what it’s supposed to do.  This iteration of the Paul George line is by far my favorite.  They are light, supportive and durable.  The traction is great, attracting very little dust and the cushion is as comfortable as I’ve worn.  My favorite aspect however, is the support in my heel and achilles. Wearing these makes my feet feel safe and allows me to do anything I need to do without fear of my equipment failing.


4FD03D87-D532-453D-87B6-83D686794F6E     The little details of this sneaker put it over the top in terms of performance and style.  the quote on the heel reads “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”  I also like this particular colorway the most.  The patterned black and white look is different and the colors are basic but they are used effectively.  Through one week, I’ve been really happy with this shoe.  I can definitely see it being in my top 1 or 2 hooping sneakers by the time summer ends.  If I see these in an outlet for cheap, I’m probably gonna swoop more colorways up.  In short, this is a great option for any basketball player at any level.  It’s reliable, stylish, has a dope player behind it (Paul George) and they’re pretty cheap ($110).


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