Trails to Trudge: Pismo State Beach

B7E3D78B-66B5-439E-937D-AF06C7D99A28      September 20, 2017…. That’s when I left for my first solo road trip/adventure.  Wide-eyed, naive and ready to tackle whatever challenges were put in front of me. I felt invincible….The next day I got stuck in the sand at Pismo Beach.  After my unnamed hero pulled me out from my sandy grave, I tucked my tail and got outta there as quickly as I could.  I always viewed it as a stain on my trip.  Pismo was one of the beaches I really wanted to spend some time at, so when my good friends Jimi and Allison were getting married on the Central Coast, I decided it was time to try it again.

A31C5E59-8DFE-4B0F-BF20-780D4FCA0D39      “Grover Beach” is where I landed.  It’s directly in the middle of Pismo State Beach and it’s also where the parking lot is located.  The sand stretches out in front of you for what seems like miles.  It’s packed hard in some areas and arranged in softer dunes in others.  The first thing I did when I walked onto the beach was put my feet in the water.  It was a hot and sunny day and the ocean felt refreshing. I walked along the water for a bit taking in all the sites and breathing in the fresh ocean air.

BE9BC6A7-7052-4507-9183-FDCDB91C3DE1CA629118-8BF5-4251-84DE-D7E54056E86245667B08-FE45-483D-82DC-C93EE3AE7AF05CD6576E-940B-443D-A99B-5B7B5BFC44A0     After walking the beach, I posted up on one of the sand dunes and took a nice, long break in the sun.  The soft sand felt good to lay on and the beach was relatively empty which made it easier for me to doze off. After awhile, I decided to walk the wooden path running parallel to the water.


7F6F9577-1D8C-4D06-9D68-5387AD964646      The boardwalk isn’t very long but it’s a relaxing trudge.  The views of the ocean are amazing and you also get a much higher vantage point of the dunes and all the foliage growing between them.

My experience at Pismo went a lot smoother this time around. I didn’t get to camp on the beach (still on the bucket list) but I didn’t get my truck stuck and I was able to enjoy the sites… win-win. Anyone cruising the Central Coast should definitely check out Pismo as it’s a quintessential California Beach with it’s bright yellow sand and long coastlines.



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