Sneaker Sunday: Air Huarache ’91


     “White/Game Royal Black-Dynamic Pink.”  If those colors don’t jump out at you, I don’t know what to do for you.  The Nike Air Huarache is a staple in sneaker culture that you’re likely to find in any respectable sneakerhead closet.  It’s unique enough to catch eyeballs, comfortable enough to rock anytime and different enough with the multitudes of colorways it employs.  Everybody has their own flavor.  For the longest time I rocked a pair of forest green Huaraches, I see basketball refs wearing the all black huaraches, girls with pink huaraches, it goes on and on. This iteration is the original colorway that came out in 1991.  I gravitated towards this colorway for a number of reasons.  First, I’m a sucker for blue; second, I’m a “90’s kid.”  Check it out below…

4F4C4111-D8A3-4C61-BD4C-60149D1D03E1      The design of the Huarache is unique for a Nike shoe in that the only place you will see the iconic “swoosh” is on it’s tongue tag.  And in fact, newer models don’t have one at all; as the “OG” tag has been swapped out for a huarache logo.  What makes Huaraches so unique though is the inner booty.  The tagline “Have you hugged your foot today?” is in direct reference to this aspect of the shoe as the booty grabs your foot, keeping it in place.  Huaraches also sport a distinctive rubber heel that’s worked seamlessly into the design.  Overall, the Huarache is a very technical sneaker who’s design has stood the test of time.  Sure, there have been other iterations of the Huarache, but the design has mostly remained the same. 2BC562FA-D4AB-4BF2-A549-0960823ACDC1017010E4-6FCB-4CD0-AF81-2E91624ED988

O.G. “Air Huarache” tag 

D3EADB45-88E7-4869-954F-8C94B1C0BF4B      In terms of comfort, these sneakers are second to none.  I can wear them for hours at a time and they fit perfectly.  While they are a sort of crazy colorway, I still manage to wear them with almost everything.  The different materials all over the shoe give it a unique look with the white satin and leather blending perfectly on the toe of the sneaker to the rubber heal and black rubber sole.  The Nike Air Huarache is one of the best sneakers Nike has ever made.


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