Trails to Trudge: Morro Bay State Park

83F424FA-1806-478F-BA82-E44A697CB558      Morro Bay State Park is one of the most popular campgrounds in an area that is filled with them.  Out of all the times I’d passed through this area, I had never been to Morro Bay State Park. I immediately realized this was a mistake upon entering the park.  Nestled right on the edge of the Bay with the city above it and the marine reserve below, Morro Bay State Park is like it’s own private paradise.  The campsites are nice and well-maintained and everything is clean.  However, they don’t offer a ton of privacy.  As you can see in the picture above, your neighbors are right on top of you.  The real allure of the park are the hikes and sites around the area.  Simply by walking around you can get to the edge of the water and the marine reserve and you can even walk right through the golf course situated on the hill behind the state park which offers great views of the surrounding area.  It was this aimless trudging that led me to one of my favorite hikes, Black Hill.

Black Hill Trail

  • Length: 1-2 miles
  • Terrain: uphill, well maintained trail
  • Payoff: beautiful views of Morro Bay and Morro Rock

     Above is a snapshot of Black Hill trail as seen from the map I acquired at the front gate.  As you can see, it’s not a long or difficult trail.  It is however, one of the more rewarding.  Check out scenes from the trail below…

27D65903-D5D9-4782-AE90-8D977308C172      There was definitely a parking lot that would have made my life a lot easier but since I was aimlessly trudging, I kinda came upon Black Hill trail by accident.  The guard told me to look for the markers though, I just didn’t expect it to pop out in front of me like it did.  I started trudging up the trail as it wound over the golf course and the surrounding forest.  Eventually you get high enough to where you are looking down on the golf course and you can even see Morro Rock in the distance (pic. 3 below)…

…as you ascend higher and higher, you start to see more of the bay and the surrounding Morro area.  In the pictures below, you can Cerro Cabrillo which is the hike I did in 2017 (which you can check out here). It was crazy to look up and see the mountain and be able to recognize it on site…

…as I got near the summit, the sun was beating down on my face but the trail had begun to open up.  When you reach the top, the payoff is worth all the heat and mild fatigue you feel.  The panoramic picture below shows the Morro reservoir on the left and even Morro Rock off in the distance on the right.  660′ up and the air is crisp and the sun warm.  Sitting up there was the perfect capper to a beautiful day in Morro Bay…


71207BD1-0645-4E5C-8244-5B2B3850E96F…all in all, I was very pleased with Morro Bay State Park.  I’ve now done Cerro Cabrillo and Black Hill in the area and I feel like I have accomplished a lot.  My next goal is gonna be to actually get in the water and see Morro Rock close up.  I would definitely recommend Morro Bay State Park as a family-friendly and easily accessible state park that offers not only gorgeous hiking but also great beach views and a cool vibe.5D0C7350-5F0B-4B20-972C-351F29452ADE

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