Sneaker Sunday: Vans Authentic Pro ‘Desert Camo’

D7594A03-704C-4723-BDF8-9259237913B4     When I lived in San Francisco, I walked everywhere.  It was about a 2 mile walk from my house in the Inner Richmond to my school up the hill at USF.  Each morning I would throw my headphones on, grab my skateboard and make the trek up to school.  After about 3 months of doing this, my sneakers began to fall apart.  They got holes in the toe and I started to tear the heels apart.  Up to this point, I had worn my Vans everyday since high school.  It hurt to have to change but my Vans just weren’t cutting it anymore. When I got the NASA sk8-hi’s a couple months ago, my mind slowly started to change.  The quality seemed better and they seemed more comfortable.  That purchase coalesced into my trip to the Vans outlet to pick up these guys and hop back onto the Vans wave…61710960-C4E6-42AE-AEEF-9B800C188981…This iteration of the ‘Vans Authentic’ is a little different than the version I used to wear in high school.  Immediately upon slipping them on I could feel the UltraCush technology at work (see pics below).  Like a basketball sneaker, the Authentic Pro now has a removable cushioned sole that make a world of difference for comfort and stability.  Structurally, the sneaker has remained relatively the same with only an upgrade to materials.  A sturdy canvas and single wrap tape coming all the way around the heel and toe makes this a much more durable sneaker than the one I grew up with.  The Authentic is a classic Vans sneaker and the Pro only builds on that by staying true to the original.  Of course, no Vans sneaker is complete without its original waffle outsole as well…

E536B85C-F235-468F-BE35-6F79BAEAE71313C2BC95-C8BE-4D41-881F-C843B663E8BC8AAA5446-A45D-4A99-B956-DB1A10269BD8…All in all, I’ve been very pleased with this sneaker.  Obviously the technology updates are the major highlight here but it’s also a good-looking shoe.  The gum bottom is always a Vans classic but the off white laces and desert camo coloring give this Authentic a unique look.  I can wear these anywhere and at anytime and not only be comfortable but also turn heads.  If you’re a Vans fan, you should definitely pick up a pair of Authentic Pro’s for your collection.


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