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Haven’t done one of these in a minute, but I was feeling it this week…

These (7) tracks represent the music I’ve been listening to lately as well as music that has come to my attention through various means.  Whether that be from a movie or TV commercial or a recommendation from a coworker or friend; these tracks had some sort of effect on me since the last time I did one of these posts (2 months ago…)…

  1. The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum) by Fun Boy Three: A coworker played this song while we were sitting in the office and it put me in a trance.  Immediately, all thought left my head and I needed to know what this song was.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out Fun Boy Three is an offshoot of The Specials and after hearing that, I dove deeper into their catalog.  It all started with Lunatics though. (check out the video below)
  2. Streets of Laredo by Marty Robbins: So I saw Rocket Man and this song gets a mention and even a rendition during the movie.  It piqued my interest enough to check out the actual song.  Marty Robbins’ version is my favorite so far.
  3. Bad Idea by YBN Cordae f/ Chance the Rapper: My love for YBN Cordae continues as we witness his meteoric rise to Hip Hop superstardom.  This time enlisting Chance the Rapper, Cordae crafts what’s to me, the anthem of the summer.  This is a modern Hip Hop song that reminds me of a timeless classic.  (video below)
  4. Corn Maze by Malibu Ken: Malibu Ken = Aesop Rock and Tobacco.  Never heard of Tobacco but Aesop Rock had me at his “killing me Smalls”  line.  A little EDM, but Aesop Rock is the real draw for me here.  I love his flow and whole style.  Gotta hop back into his discography after coming across this track.
  5. Wasted Love Freestyle by Jhene Aiko: Love Jhene, love this freestyle.  Lyrics on point per usual:                                                                                                                           “How did we get away from love?
    How did love get away from us?
    Not our time, we should wait for love
    Waste of time, what a waste of love
    You’re my wasted love”
  6. San Francisco Knights by People Under the Stairs: I visited San Francisco in May and I cannot adequately put into words what it’s like to return to that city and simply walk around.  This track is the closest I can get to describing that feeling.
  7. What the World Needs Now by Burt Bacharach: So I’m sitting in my room cruising HBO late night and I see Austin Powers on.  Naturally, the movie sucked me in and I proceeded to watch the remainder of it but I realized something I had never noticed when watching this movie as a kid:  I love Burt Bacharach.  This one scene sparked a night of me listening to nothing but Bacharach tunes and I don’t regret it one bit. Ladies and Gentleman….BURT BACHARACH!


The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum) by Fun Boy Three:

Bad Idea by YBN Cordae f/ Chance the Rapper:


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