Sneaker Sunday: Air Revaderchi

author’s note:  This post should be read in a J. Peterman voice…

I scampered down the rope like a squirrel barreling towards my destination.  Below me, I could feel the rocks scraping the underside of my foot as it dug into the cliffside seeking a foothold.  Fortunately, I was wearing my Nike hiking shoes.  Burnt orange and black suede construction on top of a rugged yet pliable black rubber.  Sophisticated yet practical. Perfect for repelling down a rope in a slot canyon or having a beer in a converted warehouse. The Air Revaderchi…

B794BD97-F3A6-481F-B603-BA2959DDA79FWithin the last 5 years I’ve really fallen in love with two things: hiking and sneakers.  When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to illuminate and inspire people by showcasing those aspects of my life. Bringing to light not only images from the world around us but also the equipment and gear we use to reach those sites.  It’s in this way that finding the right hiking sneaker became difficult.  A sneaker that not only remained safe and functional but also showed my own personal style and steez. I value loyalty over everything so it never felt right to me to be hiking in Adidas sneakers when I’m such a #teamnike guy.  Thank God, I finally found the Nike Air Revaderchi…

93A484F0-2E81-434D-9729-AE05DAF08F1CC6EA95EB-BB5B-4717-9DA5-D831D75973DDThe Air Revaderchi is comfortable, stylish and functional.  As with my basketball sneakers, my foot health is of the utmost importance.  If a sneaker hurts my feet or feels uncomfortable, I’ve gotta get rid of it.  Even if it’s the most beautiful shoe in the world, it holds no function and it’s gotta go.  Immediately upon trying these on, I was in.  My achilles/ general heel area felt good and the huarache booty gives the shoes a tight fit that  is essential for hiking.  As for style, I love em.  I love the burnt orange, I love the Huarache accents and I just think it’s a clean-looking shoe.  Functionally, it’s all I can ask for.  The rubber bottom allows me to trudge through mud, dirt, high grass and shallow water.  The lacing system locks my foot in place so I never have a fear of slipping out of them.  And most importantly, they grip.  Climbing up rock structures and trees can get dangerous without the proper footwear but these provide me with the perfect amount of stability to tackle anything I come across.

Dust billowed about my feet as I trudged the dry, desert, country road.  My footfalls causing small craters to form about me as I stomped my feet into the soft sand.  Thankfully, I was wearing my Nike Air Revaderchi hiking sneakers.  Equipped with a lacing system designed to keep your foot tight and secure through any adventure.  Light yet incredibly durable, the sneaker keeps your foot clean and safe as you trudge the deserts of the world…


I was trudging along the riverbed.  The water lapping up to my ankles and onto my feet.  Fortunately, I was wearing my Nike Air Revaderchi hiking sneakers.  Comfortable yet functional.  The neoprene booty and rubber bottom make trampling through the mud and muck a minor inconvenience.  Stylish and rugged, the sneaker is reasonably priced on…

…word to Jacopo Peterman…



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