Sneaker Sunday: Air Jordan “Aqua” VIII

6CF9FCE5-0808-476A-BA82-57CD73ECE99EThe sneaker that started it all…  I still remember the first time I saw this it.  I was a wide eyed freshman playing on my high school’s basketball team.  We were playing a tournament in Las Vegas and I somehow found myself rooming with kids a bit older than me. One of my roommates had casually thrown his Aqua 8’s into a corner of the room and they immediately caught my eye.  I noticed the straps first.  They were bizarre and so unique to me, it looked like a boot or something you would wear in combat.  Next, I noticed the colors popping out in distinct ways: the aqua blue, the bright purple and most strikingly, the embroidered tongue logo.  I loved everything about them.  I went home and did all the research I could, trying to find a pair in my size and was disheartened to learn how much money they were.  I knew my parents would never let me buy a pair at that price so I resigned myself to admiring them from afar…

fullsizeoutput_1bdbGetting to hold this sneaker in my hands for the first time was a revelation.  I traded two sneakers for them and the fact that I don’t remember which sneakers they were, should tell you all you need to know.  I was in love.  I would have given my soul for these sneakers (only slightly kidding). That was in 2008.  Ever since then, I’ve worn and coveted these sneakers.  I’ve never been afraid to wear them. They’ve seen real basketball games, concert, bars and even music festivals.  You can see the wear and tear on them in the pictures below…

Even though they’re cracking and have been scuffed, I don’t regret a single blemish.  I will continue to wear these sneakers until the soles fall out and the laces fray.  Being a sneakerhead isn’t just about hoarding and stockpiling kicks in your room to look at.  It’s about being proud of yourself and wearing something that you can be proud in.  Goddamn I felt like a G wearing these.  As the years have gone on, they begin to look slightly more haggard but I think that only adds to the appeal.  I’m proud of each scuff mark and each crack and I’d do it again if I got the chance to.



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