Sneaker Sunday: KDXII “90’s Kid”

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Kevin Durant’s line of Nike basketball sneakers has been one I’ve remained loyal to throughout my years of playing.  “KD” is one of my favorite players despite the fact that he now plays for a rival team to my beloved Boston Celtics: the Brooklyn Nets.  When the XII’s came out, I had just picked up the KD XI’s and I didn’t see myself getting another pair of basketball sneakers so soon.  Fate however had other plans.  I walked into the Nike outlet at Tejon Ranch and saw these just sitting on the shelf.  Once I tried them on, I knew I couldn’t pass them up…


Everything about this shoe is state of the art.  It’s packed with all sorts of new Nike technology to make this one of these most comfortable and best performing shoes I’ve ever worn.  Full length Nike Air Zoom sits directly beneath the foot giving support from heel to toe.  Fly-wire is incorporated throughout the upper locking down your foot and also moving with each player as they cut, jump and land.  The Flyknit tongue and breathable upper is the cherry on top making this sneaker incredibly comfortable to wear and easy to slip on and off…

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This specific iteration/colorway is inspired by what it was like to grow up in the 90’s.  It speaks to me personally being a 90’s kid myself (b. 1990) and takes me back to those moments growing up in Southern California.  The patterns and colors harken back to a time when Boy Meets World and Nicktoons were the only thing on my mind aside from hooping.  The speckle midsole gives the sneaker an extra punch and and the lime green looks like it was ripped directly from the “slime” of Double Dare fame…


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Throwing these shoes on to hoop for the first time was like driving a luxury vehicle.  They took only a couple minutes to “break in” and I was immediately at ease cutting and jumping.  Since buying them, I’ve worn them in 4 games within a week span and they’ve held up beautifully.  I feel bad for sleeping on these for so long because they undoubtedly would have been number 1 on my “top hooping shoes” for summer ’19.  I’m sure I’ll make up for lost time though as the Fall and Winter hooping seasons start up as these have jumped to the top of my rotation.  I would recommend these to anyone and everyone who is serious about their basketball footwear.


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