steez you can hear vol. 31


Another week, another random amalgam of music I’d like to share.  As with my playlist 2 weeks ago, this selection of songs represents songs I’ve been listening and living with on a daily basis.  I use them as driving songs, workout music or I simply listen to them because I like them.  check out the playlist below and peep the write-up below…

Playlist for the week of November 4, 2019:

  1. Can you Get to That by Funkadelic: Feel-good music at it’s best.  Simple as that.
    • favorite lyric: “I once had a life, or rather, life had me// I was one among many or at least I seemed to be”
  2. Dance Tonight by Paul McCartney: The beginning of this song grabs you right away and the positive message McCartney is belting out is another example of fantastic feel-good music.
  3. Pick Yourself Up by Nat King Cole: I love Nat King Cole. This is classic Cole but the reason this came back on my radar is from an article I read about Breaking Bad.  The scene they use this in is especially savage and you should check it out in my “Bonus” section below. I love when directors use a classic song to showcase something brutal on the screen.  This one works particularly well.
    • favorite lyric: “Don’t lose your confidence// If you slip// Be grateful for a pleasant trip”
  4. Reservoir Park by The Dutchess & The Duke: I forget where I first heard this song but it’s been on my playlists for awhile now.  I find myself listening (and belting it out) most frequently while I’m driving.  It’s cathartic to sing and it’s just a great song.
    • favorite lyric: “But I know I’m still right here// And I know here is still nowhere”
  5. No Sleep by Skepta: Never listened to Skepta but I saw he released this song and I was fucking hooked.  This song hits hard and Skepta hits even harder.  Perfect gym/pre-game music.
    • favorite lyric: “The new me learned from the old me// Stay low-key, I still roll deep”
  6. E&A Day by Eyedea and Abilities: One day I may do an Eyedea and Abilities “retroactive” post but for now, check out one of my favorite songs by them.  RIP to Eyedea who remains to this day to be one of my biggest influences in rap music.
    • favorite lyric: “Huh? What’s wrong? You still don’t get it// Still feel you’re so gifted// Still think your sky has no limits?// It takes a minute to get rid of the cynics// But now each piece is in its place so you can’t fuck with us” 
  7. Beautiful Life by Shawn Anthony f/ Aqua: Another Entourage cut from my rewatch of the series.  This song is so infectious you can’t help but like it. 


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