steez you can hear vol. 32: FEET OF CLAY


It’s no secret that I am a huge Earl Sweatshirt fan (you can find my other posts concerning Earl here and here). This steez you can hear post is dedicated entirely to his new album, FEET OF CLAY. Check out the album below and peep my write-up as well where I let Earl’s lyrics take center stage.

Playlist for the week of November 11, 2019:


  1. 74: “Protect your neck and don’t forget the heart”
  2. EAST: “I wait to be the light shimmering from a star // Cognitive dissonance shattered and the necessary venom restored”
  3. MTOMB f/ Liv.E: “Pray for the people // I make up the easel first, then paint what I see through”
  4. OD: “We wasn’t supposed to be alive, no funny shit”
  5. EL TORO COMBO MEAL f/ Mavi:“I keep the tears out my mind reach // I put my fears in a box like a prayer that you won’t read”
  6. TISK TISK / COOKIES“Sunny day, but I’m cooking inside // Muddy path, but I’m taking my time” 
  7. 4N f/ Mach-Hommy: “We just might be okay, the same voltage // Hold the charge like the phone lit” 


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