steez you can hear vol.33

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Just some chunes for your head top this week…

As always, playlist below and write-up to follow…

Playlist for the week of November 18, 2019:


  1. Wrestlemania 20 by Westside Gunn f/ Anderson .Paak: A perfectly paced rap song with a perfectly placed Anderson .Paak chorus. This was the first Westside Gunn song I’d ever heard and shortly after, I listened to his 2018 album: Supreme Blientele (which I would also highly recommend).
  2. Use This Gospel by Kanye West f/ The Clipse and Kenny G: This is the only time I will bring up Kanye’s most recent album, Jesus is King, and the only reason I do is because of the Clipse being reunited on this track with Kenny freaking G. No Malice has an incredible verse and Pusha T brings it per usual.  This whole song just makes me want a Clipse reunion album produced by Kanye in place of Jesus is King.
    • favorite lyric: “a lot damaged souls, I done damaged those” – No Malice
  3. Ride Captain Ride by Blues Image: I can’t even remember where I heard this song but it’s been stuck in my head for weeks.  It’s infectious, catchy and a great driving tune.  I also have an affinity for liking any songs that mention San Francisco. I can picture myself driving over the Bay Bridge bumping this at full volume with the Bay water swaying below my feet.
  4. You Don’t Owe Me by Lesley Gore: A coworker has been playing this song a lot lately and it’s caught in my head. The coworker likes it because of its placement at the end of the horror movie, Jeepers Creepers. I however, like it for it’s haunting/ powerful vocals and strong message.  Just a straight up great song.
  5. THAT’S THAT by MF DOOM: One of my favorite DOOM tracks of all time.  The metalface villain exhibits one of his most dense rhyme schemes ever and no other rapper can touch his skills on the M-I-C.
    • favorite lyric: The whole damn thing.  Do yourself a favor and read the genius lyrics while listening to this track… here
  6. Step To My Girl by Souls of Mischief: Just some good ole fashioned Hip Hop.  Each verse is packed with dense, on-point rhymes.  The production features DJ scratches and samples that sound like it came from the golden age of 90’s Hip Hop.  Souls of Mischief are a classic Hip Hop group that every Rap/Hip Hop fan should have knowledge of.
    • favorite lyric: “Brothers want to rumble, but they stumble and fumble // Cause they get pummelled by the mischievous” -Opio
  7. Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree by Dawn f/ Tony Orlando: Heard this track while watching the TV show Titans and it grabbed me instantly.  It immediately makes me tap my foot and it’s a song with a happy ending which is nice to listen to every now and then.  Reminds me of my grandma as well as she told me about this “yellow ribbon” tradition long before I ever heard this song.


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