steez you can hear vol.34


Last week I wasn’t feeling like myself.  I was getting sick, feeling anxious and just a little off.  Part of it was a lack of basketball.  When I play, it releases a tension within me that I need to let go of. With a longer break coming up during the holidays, it’s going to be important for me to get that energy out through other avenues.  Writing helps, working out helps as well and I’ve also been thinking about running again.  Even if I can’t (or am too lazy to) do any of those things, music is always the failsafe that I can turn to.

As always, another week, another playlist.  This is music I bumped hard last week during a turbulent week.  Playlist below, write-up to follow.

Playlist for the week of November 25, 2019:


  1. The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace: Love the way this song builds up.  Starts slow but then the pace picks up and really makes this is a great song to drive to and work out to.
  2. Pistol Packin’ Mama by Bing Crosby f/ The Andrews Sisters: This is a finger-snapping, foot-tappin feel good tune.  I’ve been loving a crooner vibe lately and Bing Crosby sounds so good mixed with the Andrews Sisters on this one.
  3. Carry On by Statik Selektah f/ Joey Bada$$ and Freddie Gibbs: Two of the best rappers in the game brought together by the one and only Statik Selektah.  Statik has undeniable talent as a producer and DJ but I think his real value lies in his ability to bring quality artists together.
    • favorite Joey lyric: “the sickest sound, stick around and we comin’ for the vets now”
    • favorite Freddie lyric: “a slave to my rap page, student under my tutelage”
  4. Time is on My Side by Irma Thomas: It’s music like this that has been speaking to me more and more lately.  Irma Thomas belts out the hook and the song plods along at the perfect pace.  I love driving with this song.
  5. E. Coli by The Alchemist f/ Earl Sweatshirt: I love this Alchemist beat so much.  The sample fits perfectly and the beat hits so fucking hard. Throw in a fire Earl verse and this is a combination made in Hip Hop heaven.
    • favorite lyric: “My thoughts, dreams, plots and my schemes// That’s what’s on my mind when I toss in my sleep.” 
  6. Never Been Any Reason by Head East: Just some good ole fashioned rock.
  7. Nothing Fades Like the Light by Orville Peck:  Listening to this on a rainy day as the sun was setting was powerful. Not even sure where I first heard this song and I don’t know anything about this artist but I do think this is a song that will stay with me for a long time.
    • favorite lyric: “Some men only ride alone// I only ride in the night// Some drown in the warmth of home// But nothing fades like the light” 


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