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First off, I hope everyone out there is doing well and is staying safe and healthy.  This last week has been incredibly strange but it’s amazing to see everyone banding together to try and bring down this virus!  Social media can be a little much at times but I think in this case, it’s been a blessing.  Everyone (as far as I’ve seen) has been positive and supportive and it seems like we’re actually using social media for what it was originally intended for.  And that’s to keep us together even when we’re apart.  With everyone locked up within their own homes, our everyday lives have changed dramatically.  In my case, my basketball leagues have been suspended and the breweries have been closed.  I usually see my basketball fam at least once a week and it’s been strange limiting the human contact and staying isolated.  Since we have no idea what this virus is going to look like going forward, I’m just going to say let’s all stay positive and keep making the right decisions.  We will all be tested if quarantine continues for months instead of weeks but as they say “this too shall pass.”  In the meantime, I hope everyone has enjoyed the variety in my posts this week.  I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback so I’ll continue to write new posts and (hopefully) keep up with the demand.  Below you’ll find all my #quarantineweek posts in one tidy, organized spot.  I will keep adding to the list as the quarantine continues and be sure to check out my other pages if you feel bored (which I will also link below).  Thanks for reading!

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