Sneaker Sunday: Air Max Day


Air Max Day…

On this special edition of “Sneaker Sunday” I just wanted to post some pics and show love to one of my favorite lines of sneakers made by Nike.  The Air Max…

When I got my first pair of Air Max’s, I instantly fell in love.  I loved everything about them.  From the exposed air bubble to the different silhouettes, each model of the Air Max lineage is different enough to catch your eye but similar enough to know that’s it’s all in the family.  Each model holds a level of comfort that has continued on unmatched even with all the new technology Nike has rolled out in recent years.  Check out some of my favorite kicks and pics below…

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Like everyone, I have my favorite Air Max’s.  So I’m gonna go ahead and rank em according to my personal preference…

5. Air Max 90:

  • The Air Max 90 holds a special place in my heart as the first original series Air Max I owned.  I got them way back in high school and I used to rock them everywhere.  Most famously, I wore them as my “football cleats” in a Sunday Football League some kids at my high school started.  I even brought them all the way to San Francisco where the constant walking finally caused them to erode over time.
  • Personal Preference:  With the AM90’s, my favorite aspect of the sneaker is the versatility.  As stated above, this sneaker was great for a variety of activities and continues to be so today.  An NBA player (Thabo Sefolosha) even wears these to hoop in actual NBA games (!!!).

4. Air Max 95:

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  • “I’ll kill you if you try me for my Air Max 95’s” – The Game (“Hate it or Love it’).  That line alone should tell you the intense personal feeling people get when it comes to these kicks.  Obviously the picture above is not the original version that came out in 1995 (pictured is the vapormax 95’s) but the main characteristics are there mainly the stripes on the side, lace eyelets and mesh on the upper.
  • Personal Preference: The 95’s are the coolest and most unique looking Air Max in my opinion.  The wavy stripes down the sides are my favorite aspect of the sneaker and the way that Nike designs and colors those stripes is the coolest part.

3. Air Max 270 React:

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  • One of the newest members of the Air Max family to make my list, the 270 react is quite simply one of the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn.  The whole thing hugs my foot and the blend of React and Nike technology is revolutionary.
  • Personal Preference: For years and years, the air bubble was living its life single and happy.  It didn’t need a partner or spouse to make it feel whole.  Then React technology was developed and Air Max realized it had just been waiting for it’s perfect partner.  The blend between both technologies, makes this my favorite aspect of the 270 React’s.

2. Air Max 180:

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  • My personal connection to this sneaker starts with Keith Hernandez and Jerry Seinfeld.  I’m a huge Seinfeld fan and became an even bigger one once I started looking at the kicks featured in every episode.  In an episode called “The Boyfriend”, Hernandez is seen rocking the 180’s and that alone sealed it’s fate as a “cool” sneaker in my eyes.
  • Personal Preference: The 180’s are sort of unique compared to the other Air Max silhouettes and it’s no more apparent than it’s malleable tongue. It’s stretchy and hugs onto your foot and for me, it’s one of the coolest aspects of the sneaker on the whole.

1. Air Max 1:

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  • The 1 is a classic silhouette that has stood the test of time.  Designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield, this is the sneaker that set off the whole trend.  There are so many cool and unique colorways that utilize different materials like corduroy, suede and leather making each new collaboration or general release a must see.  The Air Max 1 is without a doubt a staple in any sneakerhead’s collection.
  • Personal Preference: There are so many aspects of the 1 that I love but my favorite is the wavy mudguard.  It runs around your toes near the front of the shoe and Nike’s designers always managed to make it pop in some way.

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“Have a Nike Day”

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