Sneaker Sunday: KDXII “90’s Kid”

Kevin Durant's line of Nike basketball sneakers has been one I've remained loyal to throughout my years of playing.  "KD" is one of my favorite players despite the fact that he now plays for a rival team to my beloved Boston Celtics: the Brooklyn Nets.  When the XII's came out, I had just picked up … Continue reading Sneaker Sunday: KDXII “90’s Kid”

Boston Celtics: 2019/’20 Season Preview

Heading into the Season... Allow me to start this preview off with a brief commentary on last season's 2018/'19 Boston Celtics.  Personally, I had Great Expectations.  Ultimately, the Celtics didn't live up to them which resulted in last season's team being one of the most disagreeable and frustrating seasons of Celtics basketball I've ever witnessed.  … Continue reading Boston Celtics: 2019/’20 Season Preview

steez you can hear vol. 27: favorite reggae songs

Soooo I messed up.  I published volumes 28 and 29 a couple weeks ago and completely skipped volume 27.  So this is me making up for it.... This post is a continuation of my "favorite songs" series and features my favorite Reggae songs.  When I say "Reggae" I'm using a very loose definition here.  Bands … Continue reading steez you can hear vol. 27: favorite reggae songs

My Favorite “Trails to Trudge”… so far

Two years ago I dropped everything and went on a road trip that would change my life... One year ago I started this blog as a way to share that experience with the world... The lust to wander and live the life that I've chosen has only increased since then as I've traveled up, down … Continue reading My Favorite “Trails to Trudge”… so far