steez you can hear vol. 40: Patty’s Day ’20

This week's playlist is dedicated to St. Patrick's Day and to one of my favorite Irish rock bands: Dropkick Murphys.  While Patty's Day isn't quite the same this year; we can still celebrate Irish culture together by collectively cracking a cold one and throwing on the playlist below from our respective quarantined comfort zones.  It … Continue reading steez you can hear vol. 40: Patty’s Day ’20

Let’s Get Dangerous: What I (and you) should watch on Disney+

I know everyone and their favorite blogger is probably writing a Disney+ list right now.  In fact, it's most likely similar to this one... but I think the best thing about it's launch is the appeal the service carries towards audiences of all ages. For example, my Disney+ watchlist is going to look slightly different … Continue reading Let’s Get Dangerous: What I (and you) should watch on Disney+

A Love Letter to…

Now that I've essentially gone halfway through my journey, I thought it'd be nice to throw a little shoutout to my house on wheels.... To my trusty Toyota Tacoma,      I know that’s not really your name.  I know you’re designation is just “pickup” truck… but to me you’re so much more.  Most recently, … Continue reading A Love Letter to…

Day 9: Family Business

My cousin Nora and I are born 5 days apart.  We grew up blocks away from each other, went to the same elementary school, high school and college and we celebrate our birthdays together every year.  In short, she’s my best friend. She knows everything about me and we have continued to grow together throughout … Continue reading Day 9: Family Business