retroactive: Nat Love

Specifics: title: Nat Love artist: Kweku Collins release date: April 8, 2016 runtime: 11 songs, 38 minutes Listening to Kweku Collins is a distinct sonic listening experience. His music can't be nailed down to a particular genre. It's more an amalgam of styles brought together by Kweku Collins' experiences which spill out into his music.  The thing that immediately grabbed … Continue reading retroactive: Nat Love

retroactive: “London Calling” by The Clash

Specifics: release date: December 14, 1979 members: Mick Jones (guitar/vocals), Joe Strummer (vocals/rhythm guitar), Paul Simonon (bass/vocals), Topper Headon (drums/percussion) runtime: 65 minutes ...before we get into the rankings, I want to talk about discovering this album for th first time.  For most of my life, I discovered music on my own. Most of the … Continue reading retroactive: “London Calling” by The Clash

steez you can hear Vol.17 Playlist for the week of March 11, 2019: Lightning Crashes by Live: heard this song come on the radio at work and I immediately started singing it.  When I checked it out, I was surprised to see it was sung by a band I had never heard of.  Definitely giving Live a deeper listen this … Continue reading steez you can hear Vol.17