Trails to Trudge: Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere length: 9 miles, out and back terrain: well-maintained trail, multiple river crossings and a rocky landscape. payoff: fun, challenging trail that ends with a unique bridge in the middle of nowhere Bridge to Nowhere is one of the more interesting hikes you can do in Southern California.  It offers multiple types of terrain as … Continue reading Trails to Trudge: Bridge to Nowhere

Sneaker Sunday: Vans Authentic Pro ‘Desert Camo’

     When I lived in San Francisco, I walked everywhere.  It was about a 2 mile walk from my house in the Inner Richmond to my school up the hill at USF.  Each morning I would throw my headphones on, grab my skateboard and make the trek up to school.  After about 3 months … Continue reading Sneaker Sunday: Vans Authentic Pro ‘Desert Camo’

retroactive: Nat Love

Specifics: title: Nat Love artist: Kweku Collins release date: April 8, 2016 runtime: 11 songs, 38 minutes Listening to Kweku Collins is a distinct sonic listening experience. His music can't be nailed down to a particular genre. It's more an amalgam of styles brought together by Kweku Collins' experiences which spill out into his music.  The thing that immediately grabbed … Continue reading retroactive: Nat Love