My Favorite “Trails to Trudge”… so far

Two years ago I dropped everything and went on a road trip that would change my life... One year ago I started this blog as a way to share that experience with the world... The lust to wander and live the life that I've chosen has only increased since then as I've traveled up, down … Continue reading My Favorite “Trails to Trudge”… so far

Trails to Trudge: Red Rock Canyon State Park

       The drive up to Red Rock Canyon State Park (CA) is breathtaking.  Nestled off the 14 freeway in between the southernmost section of the Sierras and the northernmost section of the Mojave Desert; you get the best of both worlds as desert and mountains converge into one unbelievable area. As you crawl … Continue reading Trails to Trudge: Red Rock Canyon State Park

Day 3: Ascending New Levels

I woke up that morning to a cold drop of water landing right in the center of my forehead.  It was pitch black outside as I came to and became aware of my surroundings when another drop shook loose and hit me in the face.  I was freezing and the smell of sulfur was pervading … Continue reading Day 3: Ascending New Levels