steez you can hear vol. 32: FEET OF CLAY

It's no secret that I am a huge Earl Sweatshirt fan (you can find my other posts concerning Earl here and here). This steez you can hear post is dedicated entirely to his new album, FEET OF CLAY. Check out the album below and peep my write-up as well where I let Earl's lyrics take center stage. Playlist … Continue reading steez you can hear vol. 32: FEET OF CLAY

Steez you can hear Vol.4

Playlist for the week of December 3, 2018: In Hell I'll be Good Company by The Dead South:  a coworker showed this to me; while I normally don't like music this "twangy," this song caught my attention because of how catchy it is;  I challenge anybody to listen to this without whistling that intro. … Continue reading Steez you can hear Vol.4

Retroactive: “Earl”

Incredibly rude, nauseatingly brilliant and unbelievably crass, a young Earl Sweatshirt dropped into our consciousness in 2010 with this video: Without a doubt, it’s the most disgusting music video I’ve ever seen.  I was repulsed but I also couldn’t get enough.  Through the muck, you could see the talent seeping through.  Sporting an incredible … Continue reading Retroactive: “Earl”