Retroactive: “Earl”

Incredibly rude, nauseatingly brilliant and unbelievably crass, a young Earl Sweatshirt dropped into our consciousness in 2010 with this video: Without a doubt, it’s the most disgusting music video I’ve ever seen.  I was repulsed but I also couldn’t get enough.  Through the muck, you could see the talent seeping through.  Sporting an incredible … Continue reading Retroactive: “Earl”

Steez you can Hear Vol.3: The Sweatshirt Edition

We're gonna do this volume of "Steez you can Hear" a little differently today. With Earl Sweatshirt's new album Some Rap Songs coming out this Friday, I thought it was only right to do a "Sweatshirt Edition." The focus of this playlist is gonna be on all his music released after his return from Samoa.  … Continue reading Steez you can Hear Vol.3: The Sweatshirt Edition