Boston Celtics: 2019/’20 Season Preview

Heading into the Season... Allow me to start this preview off with a brief commentary on last season's 2018/'19 Boston Celtics.  Personally, I had Great Expectations.  Ultimately, the Celtics didn't live up to them which resulted in last season's team being one of the most disagreeable and frustrating seasons of Celtics basketball I've ever witnessed.  … Continue reading Boston Celtics: 2019/’20 Season Preview

Boston Celtics Offseason Thoughts

General Thoughts The Celtics season from hell is over and an off-season of change shook the NBA landscape.  The amount of impact players who switched teams in the last few months is staggering.  The entire landscape of the NBA has changed and we are now looking at a more wide-open field than we've seen in years. Key … Continue reading Boston Celtics Offseason Thoughts

Round 2: Requiem for a Dream

     All season Celtics fans waited with baited breath for our team to emerge.  The true version of the Boston Celtics.  Ultimately, it was just a dream.  A season full of unmet expectations and day-to-day emotional turmoil mercifully ended in 5 games at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the semi-finals.  … Continue reading Round 2: Requiem for a Dream