Trails to Trudge: Ladder Canyon

Ladder Canyon length: 6.5 miles terrain: dusty, desert canyon with lots of climbing; ladders and ropes are provided to help you through; fairly difficult payoff: one of the most challenging hikes I've done but also the most rewarding; amazing views from the canyon floor and on top of it Author's note: My apologies for the blurry photos. I … Continue reading Trails to Trudge: Ladder Canyon

Sneaker Sunday: Air Revaderchi

author's note:  This post should be read in a J. Peterman voice... I scampered down the rope like a squirrel barreling towards my destination.  Below me, I could feel the rocks scraping the underside of my foot as it dug into the cliffside seeking a foothold.  Fortunately, I was wearing my Nike hiking shoes.  Burnt … Continue reading Sneaker Sunday: Air Revaderchi

Trails to Trudge: Red Rock Canyon State Park

       The drive up to Red Rock Canyon State Park (CA) is breathtaking.  Nestled off the 14 freeway in between the southernmost section of the Sierras and the northernmost section of the Mojave Desert; you get the best of both worlds as desert and mountains converge into one unbelievable area. As you crawl … Continue reading Trails to Trudge: Red Rock Canyon State Park

Trails to Trudge: Peters Canyon

Peters Canyon Trail: length: 3-6 miles. author's note: (Basically the length varies on how far you want to take it. My looped run was 3 miles but that completely ignored the reservoir). terrain: trail is well maintained; some sections are very steep payoff: unique views of the neighborhood and surrounding area; a pretty fun trail in the way … Continue reading Trails to Trudge: Peters Canyon