Boston Celtics: 2019/’20 Season Preview

Heading into the Season... Allow me to start this preview off with a brief commentary on last season's 2018/'19 Boston Celtics.  Personally, I had Great Expectations.  Ultimately, the Celtics didn't live up to them which resulted in last season's team being one of the most disagreeable and frustrating seasons of Celtics basketball I've ever witnessed.  … Continue reading Boston Celtics: 2019/’20 Season Preview

Checking in with the Celtics…part 3

Record: 18-13 Notable Wins: @NOP, @WAS, vs. NYK Notable L's: home vs. PHX, home vs MIL This Celtics season has not gone to according to plan... but slowly, the pieces are beginning to come together.  I watch every single game but most of the time I have to watch them after the fact.  So for me, watching … Continue reading Checking in with the Celtics…part 3