Sneaker Sunday: Nike SB Air Force II Low “Foamposite”

DC94EAA5-2850-4C76-A218-5A21DB6300A1      Throughout my life, I’ve been known to buy some “wild” shoes.  I have puke green Nike stabs, bright red crawfish dunk lows even purple and green dunk highs. For me, the brighter the shoe, the more I want it…even if I never wear it.  When I saw this particular sneaker coming up the Nike pipeline, the guilty pleasure sensors started going off. Bright neon royal foamposite blue?! I’m in on that.  Icy-translucent outsole on top of a crispy, cloud-like midsole?! Yeah, I’m on in that too.  The black accents only serve to put it over the top for me.


F9AEC5BD-F513-4BD4-8647-44418E899D2E1C37F2AE-BA76-4790-8D18-15BB93AB7615      The blue shines so bright that my feet look like they are glowing and the translucent bottom makes it look like I’m walking with a pane of glass glued to the bottom of my sneaker.  But somehow… they don’t look bad in jeans.  The second iteration of the Nike’s classic Air Force I, the Air Force II doesn’t hold the same mystique as its predecessor.  That doesn’t mean it’s an undesirable shoe though.  I think the foamposite blue works well on this model for the same reason it works on the basketball sneaker: rigid lines.  There’s a lot going on in this sneaker and I think making it one color, helps tone it down while simultaneously showing homage to the original Air Force 1 as well as Foamposites.

5D2E6A45-F57A-4CC1-A16F-8296CF1A19B53F28AE89-1FC6-46FE-971B-58291150783131782F6D-C095-4159-833B-4223F6E893A7     Comfort-wise, these are pretty nice.  Nike SB has reworked them into a skating shoe and I can imagine someone skating in these looking pretty steezy. It’s a sneaker that I know will catch eyes but I also know I can move in (ie: skate/ball). For me, this is a classic case of an underappreciated sneaker.  I’ve seen it on sale in multiple places and it makes me sad but at the same time, I pride myself in being able to rock it with confidence.


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